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For those who don't want to go into a vacuum cleaner purchase blind. I've got over 20 years in the industry repairing all shapes and sizes of vacuum cleaners. This is my first attempt at reviewing those vacuum's but I think reading through some vacuum cleaners reviews will help you make an educated choice in your purchase.

Who Are you?
Hello and welcome! If you're looking for what vacuum will fit you best, this is the site for you. My name is Bob, I worked as a janitor for the Kansas City, Kansas school district for 18 years, not only using a variety of vacuums throughout that time, but also repairing them. Since then I bought into a small vacuum cleaner repair shop and have been doing that for the last 21 years (there is some overlap of those two jobs). For over 20 years I've had experience in repairing and using vacuums, you name it I've handled it. Everything from installing/repairing central vacuum cleaners to home and commercial equipment. I see all the latest vacuums in my shop, along with some older made to last vacuums.

I can tell you what is a good deal, which ones to stay away from, brands that stand for quality, and much more! So stay a while and visit some of the rest of my site to see what might strike you as the perfect vacuum for your needs! Finding a bargain doesn't always mean that you find the lowest price, and the best quality doesn't always serve you best if it is outside of your budget.

Working in conjunction with my son Cody Sortore together we have created this website to show vacuum cleaner comparisons, and vacuum cleaners reviews in a manor that is easy to digest for all consumers. While my son Cody is not in the vacuum cleaner industry he has worked at my shop even from a young age. He has helped me by programming this website and keeping things running so you can read through vacuum cleaners reviews or skim the vacuum cleaner comparison charts with ease.

Why do I need vacuum reviews?
That's quite simple, vacuum reviews help you make educated decisions on what you are purchasing. I've been working around vacuums for more than half of my life, using them, working on them, and watching them evolve. I know everything about vacuums inside and out! I'll give you the information you need straight out about these vacuums... because we all know you can't listen to the manufacturers. Of course they are going to say that their machine is the best in the world, they want your money! There's a lot to choose from in the market today when it comes to vacuums everything from Hoover, Eureka, Dyson, Oreck, Kirby, Rainbow, the list goes on and on. It's impossible for any normal home owner to try all of them, or use them long enough to see what the quirks and problems will be with that particular vacuum cleaner in the future. I help you cut through the red tape to find which vacuums work, and which ones are all hype.

I used to be able to recommend Hoover as the best vacuum cleaner around. Hands down if someone asked me what vacuum they should buy I could honestly look at them and say "Find a Hoover in your price range" and the issue was closed. Long ago people didn't used to vacuum their homes they would Hoover their floors, just like when you have a runny nose you don't generally say you need a disposable tissue paper... no you ask for a Kleenex no matter what the actual brand is. Hoover used to have a wide variety of vacuums for every type of home and each one was made at top quality. All of that has changed, they moved to Mexico for lower production costs but maintained their quality for a while, still not able to compete in the market though they soon sold all patents and the Hoover name to China.

Since this change my recommendations have changed. While it is my opinion that you can't go wrong with a Kirby, most people don't like the weight carrying it around the house. To me this is often a petty complaint, while some people have legitimate reasons to not desire the weight of a Kirby, for most it is just a convenience issue. Which is fine too, I often tell people that you can pay $1,500 now for a new Kirby and never buy another vacuum in your life time (or $500 for a 15 year old used one), or you can get a new vacuum every 5 years. Most can be repaired to keep them running for longer, but this is not always the case. I've got a Kirby that I use at my home from the 1920's it runs great and doesn't break down or clog ever. My son Cody has a G4 series Kirby that's about 16 years old that he uses and neither of us expect any issues from it for many, many, many years to come.

If you would like the convenience of a modern plastic machine with their low weight, flash, and feature set read through my reviews and I will help you determine which vacuum is best for you. There is no single answer to the question "what is the best vacuum cleaner" because there is no such thing as the "best" everybody has different needs and wants. Look for a top rated vacuum, I rate each based on their target market to make it easier for you to decide which is right for your situation.

How to use this site:
If you know what you are looking for search the tags for that particular item. Like lets say you want an Upright Vacuum with a low price tag. You can find that easily on my site by clicking the Upright tag then sorting by price until you find ones with a 10 rating. Or if you're looking for industrial Shop Vacs find the shop vacs tab and sort by industry. Same thing goes for people looking for HEPA filters, Carpet Cleaners, Canister Vacuums, Handheld Vacuums, Central Vacuum Systems, Steam Cleaners, Cordless Vacuums, Bagless Vacuums, or many other varieties of vacuum cleaners! I've worked with and reviewed them all.

Searching for your favorite brand review is just as easy too! I've got vacuum cleaner reviews on Hoover, Eureka, Dyson, Oreck, Kirby, Rainbow, Panasonic, Electrolux, Shark, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Shop Vac, and Miele. As I review other vacs made by different people their brand will be added to the list. As of now that long list of vacuum cleaner manufacturers is what you have to choose from!

The ordering of the site might not be exactly what you're expecting, but it makes sense. When it comes to how I rate a vacuum in the five categories that I rate vacuums 10 is always going to be a best choice (for the consumer) in that category. So if you're looking for the best vacuum as far as power goes you're going to want to look for vacuums with a 9 or 10 rating. I rate vacuums based upon their suction power, cleaning ability, price, value (because price and value are very different, an expensive machine doesn't necesarily mean that it is valuable, and vice versa), and I also give an over all rating of every vacuum cleaner that I review.

A note from Cody,
Hello, thank you for visiting over the last few months we've been able to help thousands of people looking for vacuum cleaner reviews and we are very excited to continue that tradition! If you have found the vacuum cleaner reviews here helpful please take the time to review us! Write a quick note on facebook, twitter, or your own blog linking to the best vacuum cleaner reviews site on the net! As you help us grow, it allows me to pay my dad more consistently so that he will add more reviews every day! It was my original intent to review central vacuum cleaner systems, floor and carpet scrubbers, extractors, and much more. Unfortunately I didn't listen to my dad when he said there are more vacuum cleaners out there than I knew so those sections have been put on hold. But we're excited about the growth of the site and look forward to seeing it continue! Thanks to all those who have already linked to us finding that we are the source for the best vacuum cleaner reviews on the net.

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